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  • Refinancing your loans will consolidate your debts and save your money.




    How does personal loan refinancing work?

    You apply for a loan which covers the amount you have left to pay on your current loan(s) and then you use the new loan to pay off the previous one. You still have the same amount of debt, but you may save money when Longman Loans finds you a loan with lower fees or lowered interest.

    Why should you refinance your personal loan with Longman Loans?

    • You will find a better deal

    When comparing loans Longman will not just focus on interest rates, but also look at ongoing fees and repayments along with loan establishment costs. We will also consider the features of a loan to make sure they suit your needs. This will ensure that you get the best possible deal for your refinanced personal loan.

    • We will consolidate your debts

    If you've to make a great effort to pay down credit cards and personal loans and home loans then a debt consolidation by refinancing your personal loan could be for you. Debt consolidation with Longman Loans will ease the stress of multiple debts as well as interest rates.

    The key benefits of consolidating your debt are:

    1. A potentially better (lower) interest rate
    2. Repayments that are easier to manage
    3. A means of providing a clear timeline outlining when you’ll be debt-free




    What to first consider?

    1. Your lender’s rate isn’t staying competitive with others in the market
    2. A major change occurs in your financial situation
    3. You are looking for more money to pay for home renovations, children’s education or property investment
    4. Switching to a fixed rate
    5. You’ve large credit card debts and need to consolidate

    Tax considerations

    Unless a loan for your investment property is borrowed against that property, you are incapable of claiming a deduction for any payments that are suffered while the property is being rented out. Considering this, it is essential to always pursue guidance from your tax professional in order to make the most of such deductions.

    You also always would want to make sure you are functioning under the rules and regulations of the Australian Taxation Office.




    How does it work?

    Refinancing your car loan will switch you to a different lender who may be able to offer you benefits over your present car loan. This may include

    1. Lower interest rate
    2. Lower fees or better repayment options

     This will help you to pay your loan sooner. With Longman Loans, refinancing your car loan can potentially save your money in good amount.

    Longman Loans, who will work on your behalf to get the best refinancing option, will essentially, compare the best car loan refinancing options based on your requirements and suitability.

    The way we compare

    The features based on which we compare when selecting what car loan is right for you:

    1. Interest rate
    2. Flexibility in repayments
    3. Additional fees
    4. Maximum loan amount
    5. Lender’s policies, systems and eligibilities

    Why refinance your car loan?

    1. Lower interest rate
    2. Lower repayments
    3. Get more features from your car loan